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Trap Cardio Takes Cancun

October 4-8, 2023

...but, before we get you booked...
Did you catch us in Punta Cana for TrapCation 2022?

How'd I feel about TrapCation 2022?

Well, for a week, I watched women and men, introverts and not, who’ve never met each other connect in a way that would have you think they’ve known each other forever. I watched and listened as transparency flew in the air. Not only were my cousins sharing their trials but also sharing triumphs won through their connection of Trap Cardio, myself or my entrepreneurial journey. I watched people who had never done Trap Cardio, join us on the TrapCation and leave as a believer. Every single one of them poured into me. I thought I would leave drained but I left full af. Hell, they even wanted to make sure I let my knotless down and had a good time, too! They always love AD, but they also loved on Ashley. It was literally a fitness family reunion and I can't for TrapCation 2023 in Cancun, Mexico.

Ready to join for 2023?! Let's GOOOO!

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Interested in Joining our Swag Bag?

We have 140 cousin from all over the world joining us on our TrapCation in Cancun.


Are you a small business that would like to place a business card or product sample in our TrapCation Swag Bags? 

If so, tell us about your business and how you'd like to contribute to the Swag Bags. Be mindful, these items/cards will be traveling with us. Upon approval, submission fee is $30.

Thanks for submitting! We will respond within 48 busn hours.

Swag Bag
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