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Welcome to our NEWLY developed gallery of individual routines. You won't find this... over "there" and it is a perk to being a subscriber of the Trap Tube. Not ready to subscribe to Trap Tube? Pay $1.50 to rent a video for 72 hours.

Remember, if you share to give credit to Trap Cardio should you use any of these originally crafted routines in your own classes. 

Have fun and... KEEP TRAPPIN!

Why are we here?

After over 14K vides, YouTube completely blocked and flagged our account for the instructional video "Everybody" by Nicki Minaj. We disputed with information regarding our ASCAP license with no success. Frustrated with our creativity being limited, yet again, we decided to bring it to our own platform. Stay tuned for more videos with both progressive and regressive options to provide you with a better Trappin experience. Love y'all!

Kehlani - After Hours
Glorilla - All Dere
JJ BodyWerk X Trap Cardio
Everybody - Nicki Minaj
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