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Motivation: Apply Pressure!

House Accident
Home was hit by a drunk driver.

"Self-imposed pressure"

May is Small Business Month and I've been trying to figure out how to tell my story and then I started listening to Pastor Mike Jr’s current series - "Apply Pressure".

“Some people think I’m crazy. Some people think I’m brave. Most days I feel like both.” But, my faith puts fire under me like no other. I understand that my belief system is based on how much I trust myself and I can’t let myself down. So whether it’s in the gym or I’m at my desk, ultimately it’s me saying to myself, “you’ve got this” and “don’t quit” no matter what it looks like.

So, to all the dreamers in the place with grit and grace, this week, I’m going to share some of things I’ve had to hype myself through in order to build my small business and what I’ve learned through them:

I guess you can call this, "Part One".

As soon as I’d started being consistent with teaching in 2018, our house was hit by a drunk driver and we were displaced for 6 months. In that 6 months, I was still commuting to DC — with only a basket of clothes that we were allowed to take from the house, I was studying for my masters, teaching class twice a day, taking care of home, we’d

lost a car, filed bankruptcy, and Jr was 6 and dealing with PTSD. All of the things! Hell, my job only gave me 48hrs in Richmond, after the accident, before they’d asked me to restart my commute to help train somebody who’d gotten the same promotion as me… at the same time!!

Class Commute
Facebook post about making the commute to class

First, know that all things are on God’s timeline, not ours. But when He calls you to it, you better show up and show out. With that being said, if you have the ability to dream it, you’ve got to have the audacity to achieve it. How bad do you want it?

Tune in tomorrow…

More Media:

I received my MBA with honors!

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