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Creative Capital !

Welcome to part two. Let's talk creative capital!

Selling merchandise from a couch.
Selling merchandise with just a couch and tablet

My logo has changed several times.

I changed my website.

I’ve had a million photo shoots.

I’ve sold merchandise out of my trunk.

I’ve relocated several times.

I had a subscription service before I had a website.

I was an international instructor before TrapCation  (I taught on a cruise in ‘18)

My first out-of-state booking came when I announced that I was gonna be in Houston for a friend’s birthday and someone from Dallas hit me up.

Soliciting to be booked in Texas
Soliciting to be booked in Texas

Imagine if I had waited until everything “looked right” or I went broke trying to make the first dollar. The benefit to being a dream chaser is that you have creative control. Have fun with it! I tell people all the time, “I didn’t leave corporate to be corporate (rigid)”.

You live long enough, you realize that nothing stays the same, probably ever will, and that’s okay. Most of the times we think this way when it comes to things we can’t control, however,

Trap Cardio's original ledger
Trap Cardio's original ledger

YOU are allowed to change your mind. Stop holding yourself hostage to people, places and ideas that no longer serve you. And if you’re worried about misperceptions and negative narrations, people who spend their time with those aren’t your audience. I repeat, THEY ARE NOT YOUR AUDIENCE! Don’t lose time and money being distracted. Doing so will create a creative block and we need your freethinking.

First deliveries and photo shoot
First deliveries and photo shoot

And, on a more positive note, Before I had a website, systems and processes, and reoccurring fees lol..  I had pen/paper and a few good people who really wanted to see me win. Do what you can with what you have in that season and take care of your people! To this day, there are certain people who can call me for help and baby…I’m there because of how impactful they’ve been in my life. I live by the

My 2nd fitness shoot
My 2nd fitness shoot

mantra, “if you build your people, they will build your business” and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Bonus lesson here: Don’t underestimate the power of social/human capital. You can always make a dollar, but you can’t always rekindle a relationship.

Tune in tomorrow for part

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