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I Lost Money.

I'm a bit delayed with part 3 as I prepared for my son's birthday. And, as you read, you'll see why I no longer beat myself up for things like that.

I lost money.

I lost friends.

I lost energy.

I lost sleep.

I lost time with my family.

I lost drive.

I lost my voice.

I lost my mind.

Few knew. Even fewer cared.

I was the smallest I’d been in weight and my mental was in shambles.

A bish was severely depressed!

If you blew on me, I would cry.

There were times when my friends had to pull me in the midst of breakdowns.

I had created a space for people to be “Human AF” and felt like that same liberty was stripped from me. I wasn’t even a person anymore — just a living, walking business transaction.

However, I am responsible for self.

And being able to check yourself is a superpower.

I could of easily just started and stopped this series at “Trap Cardio has been a six-figure grossing business since I went full-time” and left yall with that. Though it is true, THAT’S not the full picture. I recently told my friends that it’s so hard for me to share success without the struggle because entrepreneurship is always unrealistically glamorized. It’s rewarding, but baby, sacrifice definitely comes before the success — no illuminati. lol.

But, thanks to a referral from a friend, I invested in therapy.

I didn’t just do a day. It wasn’t situational. I was in therapy for almost two years (progressing from bi-weekly, to monthly, to on-call) worth and they were the best co-pays ever spent.

The results?

I made money.

I gained perspective.

I worked through traumas.

Check on your strong friends.
Check on your strong friends.

I brought my family into the business.

I increased my boundaries.

I set expectations for myself and people who wanted to be in life.

I prioritize structure and organization.

I learned to respect the boundaries of others aka “sthu” sometimes.

I have a better quality of sleep.

I stopped trying to help/save everybody; I can now say “no” in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

I take days off.

Shoot, I took a MONTH off this year.

But, I say all of that to remind you that May was also mental health awareness month. And, I’d be remised if I didn’t tell you that the greatest flip you will ever make in business will be from the result of doing the inner work. Part 4 tomorrow! #SmallBusinessMonth #mentalhealthawareness

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03 jun

God Bless You. Keep up the good work.

Me gusta
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