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When You Feel Like It

Mentoring high schoolers on self esteem
Mentoring high schoolers on self esteem

You do it when you feel like it? Cool. Then expect your audience to do the same.

Part 4 : Promote Yourself!

Never assume that people know the who, when, how’s and why of what you do. Because, truth be told, YOU are not everyone’s priority. Here are a few ways to do it?

•Be present: Network, be flexible in your schedule, be consistent with your product or service, no one should have to hunt you down

•Social media: It’s a tool for funneling. Unless you’re solely searching for brand deals, likes do not guarantee revenue. The goal is to get people off the app and into your products or services. Also, don’t be afraid to recycle content. I promise you not everyone sees everything and who cares if they see it twice?! I need you to see me!

•Collaborations/Partnerships: Team up with someone. It’s an exchange of communities. Keep in mind that the partnership should be mutually beneficial to both parties. Also, don’t negate ethics, if you’re simply using someone’s community to build yours, vendor fees are a respectable practice.

•Think outside of the box: I teach a dance fitness class but my niche is confidence and self-esteem building. With that being said, I’ve volunteered for many opportunities to establish my impact whether I’m on or off the dance floor.

•Within your business: Thank you cards, discounts, etc. I promote myself within my business with the Trap Cardio Commandments. It’s not just to encourage the new but to constantly remind my current “cousins” of the why. And if anybody asks them about Trap Cardio, they all have a walking elevator pitch.

So, put your ego to the side and promote yourself. No one wants to be guilt tripped into supporting you and your family and friends get tired. Alignment is not limited to you. You want people to enjoy investing in your dream, because ultimately that’s what every customer is doing. And yes, all of this is recycled content. lol.

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