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Let Your Creativity Meet Adversity...

This was a face of defeat. It was March 2020. I had grown my audience. I was creating an exit plan. And then Covid hit and it seemed like all of it was in vain. People were scared to leave their house, let alone sweat around one another. I took a week off to figure out what I wanted to do and put things into gear. I used Zoom as a teaching platform, but that was just maintaining clientele — not growing it. Right before the 10-person ordinance hit, I went live on my FB and told everyone in class to do it too. My only rule: DELETE ALL LIVES after class was over. My FB video went viral during that hour. And in that hour, I was everything to everybody — from being every b*tch ever made to people praising us for trying to keep our mental and physical health afloat. There was no traceable class after but in that hour, my following had grown tremendously. People all over the country were asking “What class is this?!” and I took the show to YouTube. Now… let me not hold you, I got reported to the health department and all. (I be tryna tell y’all, I got some stories for y’all assess one day. ) But, what people also didn’t see were the emails I received from people who said Trap Cardio saved them from suicide and total isolation. I fight with a Father who sees beyond adversity. 4 months later, I was able to quit my career. “Tough times don't last, tough people do”. So, let this post be a reminder that hard times do and will ALWAYS come, you can’t erase that fact. But, your creativity is going to be solution to the adversity. Free your mind and the rest will surely follow. So gather yourself, take a breather, remix your thoughts and shift into gear. You’ve got this! Today, I’m my own Woman Crush Everyday for being a risk taker for the greater good. Oh, and for not looking like what I’ve been through bc… she fine fine. To see the original post, check my stories…

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