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What's In Your 2024 Tool Bag?

Goals. Dreams. Plans.

Often times we focus more on the idea of things versus the execution.

Pastor Mike Jr. of The Rock City has been reminding us in his most recent series that it is time that we move from expectation to execution. With that being said, what tools are you caring in your 2024 toolkit to bring your expectations to life?

I'm not speaking of the physical tools --- money, associations, degrees -- but the internal ones that are going to lead you to the life that you want to live?

What emotions or feelings are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose?

What unwanted cycles do you find yourself in?

And, as much as people hate to hear it... it requires work! Living and learning is a real thing. Sometimes we want to take the easier route of looking for solutions/problems outside of ourselves or, even better, simply personally developing skills we've already mastered, but that's a lazy route and even a free-spirit loves to see new sights. Figuring this out requires self-awareness, accountability and action.

My son started 6th grade and has been battling being social while being academically strong. We saw where there was room for improvement and had a conversation with him. His solution? "Such and such needs to stop talking to me while I work". Oop. "Every day you all can remind me to check what is due." Ha! I reminded him that school is his job and asked what his goals were. He

said that he wanted to keep A/B honor roll so that he can remain in the gifted program. We asked him what are some things that HE can do to make that happen and we came up with an action plan. Actionable affirmations. Because at some point you have to go beyond telling yourself "I am capable" to telling yourself "how so". To stay committed to his goal, he says these affirmations daily. The result? His grades have improved significantly and he still has friends. lol. Self-awareness, accountability... action.

So what are you working on AD? Honestly, the same. My toolbelt for 2024 has:

Commitment: Being dedicated to a specific goal

Discipline: Obeying the rules set by you; being able to do hard or ordinary things when there's no motivation and..

Consistency: The ability to keep at it.

I've been sharpening them up so that they are ready for use in the new year? My self-awareness showed me that I allowed "boredom" (or the desire to have every moment full of dopamine) keep me from or procrastinate my progress. My accountability? When I do try to stay aligned I'm trying to align 500 things at the same time and then I become (self-awareness, again) overwhelmed and discouraged. My action plan? God says that if you are faithful with a few things, he will give you many. That's the approach I've taken. If I use these tools for a few things in my life, I'll be able to add more things as I go. My things have been church, taking my vitamins and working out at least 3-4 times a week. Whew! The work in progress is progressing.

So, do me a favor. Open up your handy dandy work bag and ask your self... what tools am I missing to take me from expectation to execution?

I love y'all, for real!


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